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Drinking Water & Health

Graduate Course

Virginia Tech   |   PHS 5704 / CEE 5704  |   Spring 2021, 2022

Virginia Tech   |   PHS 5984  |   Spring 2020

Drinking water contamination and associated health outcomes. Programs to improve safe water access. Viral, bacterial, protozoal, and helminthic pathogens. Heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants. Drinking water treatment and supply in rural areas. Study designs for health outcome assessment. Field-based intervention trials.



Introduction to Environmental Health

Undergraduate Course

Virginia Tech   |   PHS 3014   |   Spring 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

Overview of environmental health, examining local, national, and international frameworks. Environmental factors that affect human health, including major classes of chemical, biological, and physical exposures from different environmental media (air, water, food, and soil). Special emphasis on toxicology and epidemiology methodologies used at the individual (mechanistic) level and at the population level to determine environmental causes of disease and find appropriate prevention or control measures to minimize adverse health outcomes.



Intervention Trial Design

Graduate Course

UC Berkeley   |   PH 252C   |   Fall 2018


Design of group-level field intervention trials and individual-level clinical trials. Topics include: CONSORT, History of the RCT, Difference in differences, Systematic reviews and meta-analyses, Multicenter trials, Trial design, Phases of trials, Placebos in trials, Crossover trials, Data collection, Blinding, Cluster randomized trials, Comparative effectiveness research, Randomization and random assignment, Sample size and power, Systematic Reviews methods, logistics, meta-analysis, Theory of change, Subgroup analysis, Surrogate markers, Meta-analytics, Quality of life measures, Compliance, Ethics/IRB

Water & Health in Rural China & Appalachia

October 4, 2019  |  Blacksburg, USA   

Virginia Tech
Conference Website  |  Conference Summary


Water & Health in China & Beyond

September 3, 2015  |  Berkeley, USA

University of California, Berkeley

Conference Website  |  Conference Summary

Guidance on Sub-indicator Threshold Development

April 4, 2017   |   Rome, Italy
Presentation to international experts & FAO staff at “FAO Expert Meeting for SDG Indicator 2.4.1”         


Sampling Approaches & Quality Control for Survey-based Field Research” & “Pre-registration, Pre-analysis Plans, & Replication for Epidemiological Studies

March 26-28, 2017   |   Beijing, China           
Training presentations/lectures to ~50 China CDC staff at the China-CDC hosted “Training Workshop in Environmental Epidemiology & Field-based Research Methods”,  Lake View Hotel


Drinking water contamination, management & treatment in the USA

November 1, 2015   |   Berkeley, USA              
Presentation for delegation of Zhejiang Province Water Management officials, UC Berkeley     


Drinking water contamination, management & treatment in China & the USA

September 10, 2014   |    Berkeley, USA
Presentation for delegation of Guizhou Province Water Ministry officials, UC Berkeley                    


Exploring MPAT’s potential for project support in Bangladesh

June 10, 2012   |   Dhaka, Bangladesh
Presentation to ADB, IFAD & LGED staff: Local Government Engineering Dept. HQ           


MPAT Training Workshop: Intro to MPAT & “Measuring rural poverty in Kenya”

June 2-3, 2011   |   Nairobi, Kenya
Training for IFAD-Kenya M&E managers from 5 projects, Lenana Hotel                   


MPAT’s potential to support rural poverty reduction in India

January 14, 2011   |   New Delhi, India
Presentation to academics & government officials, India International Centre               


MPAT’s collaborative development, future & value for the Asia region

December 16, 2010   |   Bangkok, Thailand

Presentation to FAO staff, FAO’s Regional Office for Asia & the Pacific                 


The MPAT: A new framework for measuring rural poverty

September 10, 2009   |   Rome, Italy
Presentation to IFAD & FAO on the MPA Project & utility of MPAT, IFAD Headquarters      


Index-based weather insurance: The importance of demand assessment                   

June 12, 2008   |   Hefei, China
Presentation (in Mandarin) to Anhui Province Meteorological Bureau